The way we work is gradually changing as a result of the economy. Many people work on a remote or freelance basis. In line with this current trend, modern and sophisticated co-working spaces and offices have been established across the UK, especially in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

These serviced offices are not like the ‘standard’ or ‘typical’ offices you’d come across in a traditional 9-5 job. Serviced offices are great for working in style, as well as meeting individuals in similar roles and industries. Aside from this, serviced offices offer the following benefits:

They are flexible to use and accessible

Gone are the days where you have the check in and check out with your boss. As an entrepreneur and creative, you are probably used being in charge of your own schedule and working during the hours when your productivity levels are high. With services offices, you can use them whenever – and wherever – you want. You can come and go as you please.

They are affordable

Using serviced offices does come with a cost, but you can find pricing packages that are tailored to what you can afford.

They are well-managed

Serviced offices may not operate in the traditional sense, but they are well-managed and they have the usual components, such as a reception and security staff.

They provide excellent facilities

Many serviced offices come with some of the best facilities that cater to your needs, such as bike storage, fully-equipped kitchens, meeting rooms, telephones and super-fast internet. Plus, many serviced offices are located in areas with plenty of local amenities, such as cafes, restaurants, parks and shops.

They are good places for entrepreneurs who are starting out

Becoming a self-employed creative can be challenging but with serviced offices, you can meet fellow entrepreneurs like yourself. It’s also the perfect environment for networking, sharing ideas, finding support and potentially collaborating with others.